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Lesson II - Disclaimer

I. Disclaimer

Many of the categorizations are my own, so beware. Also in many cases I will say 'the Orthodox believe' or 'the Conservatives believe'. This does not mean that all Orthodox or Conservative Jews believe these. It means that the core philosophy of the organization defines their belief a such. Many Jews who identify themselves as Orthodox and Conservative Jews do not believe or practice the core system as defined by their group.

In many places I will tell you both the Conservative and Orthodox positions on kashrut questions. I do this for several reasons. First I think the differences (though generally minor) are interesting. Also it is important to know the differences, and how and why they vary in order to practice properly. Also, you should be able to explain your own practices and how and why they differ from someone else's.

As with any complex area of practice, any question that arise should be addressed to a Rabbi or competent layman.

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PATH : Chelm -> Jewish -> Kashrut -> l2 - disclaimer
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